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Tips for Hospital Stays for Dementia Patients

Home Care Services in Carlsbad CA: Hospital Stays for Dementia Patients

Home Care Services in Carlsbad CA: Going to the hospital can be frightening for anyone. For dementia patients, it may be even more so. People with dementia often feel confused and uncertain of their surroundings, even when they are familiar.

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Four Potential Solutions When Your Senior Resists Help

Resisting outside help is extremely common for aging family members. Your elderly family member might see this as a failing on her part, even though it isn’t about that at all. When your senior continues to resist the idea of bringing in help, you might need to try one or more of these ideas. Offer…

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Causes and Treatments of Glaucoma in Elderly Adults

Glaucoma causes more vision loss in aging adults than almost any other eye disease, and it’s quite common in seniors over the age of 60. Family caregivers with an elderly relative who has glaucoma should learn as much as they can about the disease, so they can provide better support and assist in the treatments.…

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What to Do When You Think Your Senior Might Need Help

If you’re starting to suspect that your senior needs a little more help, you’re probably right. The best thing to do is to start looking into solutions now rather than later and these tips can help. Get a Fuller Picture of What Your Senior Needs When your elderly family member first starts to need help,…

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GoldenCare Shares A Heartfelt Thank You Note!

Client Testimonial… Hello LadiesA beautiful bouquet of flowers were just delivered from the best ladies around! How did you know I LOVE white flowers :)Thank you again for attending my Mom’s little celebration on Saturday night. It was so nice to have you there to laugh and for your support.Hope we can keep in touch…

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How Can I Tell if I am Over-stressed?

If you are a full-time caregiver for your elderly relative, you could be dealing with chronic stress but not recognize it. If left undiagnosed and untreated, chronic stress can have a detrimental effect on your health and well-being. The first step toward preserving your health is recognizing the symptoms of chronic stress, and then developing…

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GoldenCare's Employee of the Month – December 2018

Rhonda Marlin With over 11 years caregiving experience, Rhonda has provided excellent care for GoldenCare since September 2018. She is always willing to take on additional shifts and provides diligent and loyal care to new and existing clients. Rhonda’s caring and compassion is evident as she has been a volunteer for the LEAP to Confidence…

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