Menelika Basele

Menelika Basele

Menelika joined GoldenCare in 2018 and has extensive experience taking care of her Mother and Brother, both with terminal cancer. She loves to cook, with a specialty in vegetarian cuisine. She enjoys treating her clients with delicious meals!

Menelika approaches her clients with a cheerful attitude and delightful sense of humor – and has a wonderful heart for caregiving. And Clients have praised her excellent care. Menelika has assisted GoldenCare with visiting clients and meeting with Caregivers to help implement special projects.

Menelika demonstrated her caring and compassion manner by working with the Methodist Hospital program called NODA (No one dies alone). In addition, she provides on-call administrative support for the military.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, or the San Diego and Surrounding Area, please contact the caring staff at GoldenCare today. Call us at 760-828-5201.

Porsha Vogt

Owner at Golden Care
As the owner of Golden Care, Porsha enables seniors in Carlsbad and San Diego County area to live safe, happy lives in their own homes for as long as they can. Her mission, and the mission of Golden Care, includes assisting family members with elder care for their loved ones while maintaining their own professional and personal lives; creating a family-oriented environment, staffed by professional caregivers that go the extra mile to serve seniors; and increasing respect and concern for seniors in our society. Porsha has a degree in Business Management from the University of Colorado and brings her background in finance and entrepreneurialism to the service of seniors and their loved ones through Golden Care.

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